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So tired of the double standards. What applies to my parents obviously wouldn’t apply to me. Of course, their lives should be easier while mine is always made harder.

These past few days have been awesome. Friday I got to go meet Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee with my fiance.

Saturday we went to a movie with friends, Sunday we went to church and got to relax and talk a little bit, and Monday I went shopping with my sister-in-law (to be) and my two nieces.

Tomorrow I get to go back to work (my second week) as a preschool assistant. I was so blessed to be able to find a job, even a small one, for this summer.

The rest of this week will be a little crazy I think: meeting with my wedding planner and trying to set up a time to look at the venue, picking out clothes for engagement photos and figuring out where/what we will do for them, and having my fiance’s parents over for dinner at the end of this week.

Life is so crazy, but so good. :)

Food Allergies

Recently I have been having a ton of stomach problems, it has been keeping me home from school some days and causing a lot of pain. I went to the Doctor and they mostly wrote it off as ‘stress’, but said they would do some blood tests on me.

Later that weekend I ended up at the ER because of such severe stomach cramps, they gave me medicine that helped temporarily, but what I needed is something that would make me better.

Well today I got the results of my blood test back. I’ve got several food allergies and an infection in my stomach from a bacteria called H. pylori, which most people have but it lives nicely in their gut, rather then causing problems.

Allergies include:

  • apples
  • beef
  • carrots
  • codfish
  • crab
  • oats
  • oranges
  • tomatoes
  • peanuts
  • pork
  • shrimp
  • soybeans
  • strawberries
  • egg
  • corn
  • milk
  • wheat

It’s been decided that I have a gluten sensitivity and need to start a gluten free diet, along with no more soy (which I kinda live off of). Here is to the first day of starting a new and improved diet that will hopefully improve my overall health.

I’m not a child anymore.

You can’t just push me around and tell me I’m living in a fantasy.

I’m not. This is my life. It’s real and it matters.

So let me go a little bit! I’m not gonna crash and burn.

I promise.